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Costa Rica

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Nuevita acá [Nov. 3rd, 2006|10:26 pm]
Costa Rica

Hola, mi nombre es Shirley, tengo 20 años, soy de Costa Rica y estudio psicología.

Quería hablarles de dos comunidades que administro, la primera es para personas interesadas en los sueños, interpretación y temas relacionados, se llama somnum.

La segunda puede ser de interés para todos los hispano hablantes, especialmente si administran o moderan alguna comunidad. Se llama promo_espanol y ahí pueden contarnos de comunidades interesantes en nuestro idioma y encontrar grupos de su interés.

Los espero =)

P.D: siéntanse libres de preguntar lo que gusten
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Costa Rica orchids [Sep. 10th, 2006|12:19 am]
Costa Rica

I love you, guys!
You have (imho) one of the most beautiful places in the world!!!
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Yucca Recipe [Sep. 2nd, 2006|11:34 am]
Costa Rica
Hello all,

I was in Costa Rica (Guanacaste) in June and on our way from Playa Flamingo to Nosara, we stopped in an itty bitty town just a bridge over from Nosara. We had dinner there, of some kind of typical fried chicken, but as an appetizer, we were brought some yucca plant that had been cut into thick spears and cooked, leaving a very soft, but not falling apart, inside. It was served with some sort of cream sauce that was wonderful.

Does anyone have any idea what the name of this dish is? I bough yucca at the store yesterday and really want to try and recreate the dish for visitors.

Any help is appreciated!

PS - Does anyone else miss the REAL Orange Fanta like I do? The Orange Fanta found in hispanic countries is amazing. The American crap is just...well...crap.
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packing [Aug. 22nd, 2006|12:43 am]
Costa Rica

hey im not backpacking so much as living with a homestay in costa rica for the next 4ish months, but im starting to freak out about packing since i leave on monday and havent started.

---what do I not pack and just buy there?

---what do i definately get here? (ive heard tampons fall under this list)

---how much stuff do i need to deal with the heat/rain? should I pack mostly cotton?

---how casual can I be?

technology: cell phone and camera. I think i need both but for the cell phone im not exactly sure which route to go. I'll be traveling all over teh world for at least the next four years. but i tend to lose things. whats my best bet for calling home and the country im in? camera: for a sad budget, what has good optical zoom w/ stabilizer (obv) and a high shutter speed? is a good camera worth the investment?
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(no subject) [Aug. 8th, 2006|08:50 am]
Costa Rica

[Current Location |work...dreaming of vacation...]
[mood |excitedexcited]

clothes? we're heading to CR in a couple weeks.. and I've been reading in guidebooks that most people dress up for going out at night. We're not going out to really party, just have a nice dinner or something.. i'm thinking a skirt, nice top and sandals would work.. do i need to bring something dressier? just wondering... any recommendations on kayaking, travelling in general in CR? oh yes, i was interested in perhaps going to the national theater..any suggestions.. thanks so much in advance..! :)
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quick health question [Jul. 20th, 2006|06:14 pm]
Costa Rica

hi all!

my friends and i will be traveling to tambor at the beginning of september. i read on the cdc website some info on malaria and typhoid. we're only going to visiting for 10 days. do you think we need to get immunizations/medicines or would that be going overboard?

on another note, are there any must sees/dos down in the tambor/montezuma area?

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Hola! [Jul. 12th, 2006|07:55 pm]
Costa Rica

[mood |calmcalmada]

Nombre: Katherine o "Kat"
Edad: 17
¿Qué haz escuchado de Costa Rica? Que es un lugar muy hermoso, con muchas variedades de animales.
¿Haz estado ahí antes?
¿Por qué Costa Rica precisamente? ¡Porque nací alli! :D
Otra información que quieres compartir? Aunque Costa Rica sea un pais muy hermoso, su economia esta muy mala. D: Hay muchos maliantes y el trabajo es muy dificil de conseguir.

Es muy triste que muchos de los turistas no saben eso.

P.S. I noticed that the Moderator's Journal was deleted. Did any of you know that?
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travel/comp. question [Jun. 19th, 2006|07:03 pm]
Costa Rica

[mood |curiouscurious]

we'll be travelling to CR in mid-Aug. and had a computer related question. we'll be taking copious amounts of pictures and were wondering if internet cafes had the abilities to download pictures from our digital camera to a cd-rom or a usb datapen? thanks.
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leaving on saturday!! [Jun. 16th, 2006|01:15 am]
Costa Rica

I just have a couple questions:

I'm planning to take a MasterCard debit card, but I've been told a lot of places won't accept it. Does anybody know how true that is? I figure if all else fails, I can just get cash from an ATM with it (I'm bringing a few thousand colones with me in the first place, just in case).

Also: weather in Monteverde this time of year? I know it's the rainy season, but I've also heard there's less downpour in the cloud forest than in the rest of the country (I've been to CR before, so I know generally what to expect in most places).

Thanks, everybody. Ehh, I should have/could have typed this in Spanish, but I'm really too exhausted at this point.
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disappointed [Jun. 10th, 2006|09:23 pm]
Costa Rica

que horrible el equipo CR! se que el aleman juega bien, pero...queria que CR no jugara tan horible, vale?
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